Heather Fowler's latest magic realism collection now available!

"Fowler’s ability to make a reader believe all the strange things that happen in these stories is deft and precise. Some of the living beings are not human; and while they’re certainly used as metaphors, each is also presented with behaviors specific to their species. The power—and joy—of magical realism is that the combination of “real” world and fantasy is never explained, and the informed reader knows that that’s how this genre “works.” One might say, “stuff just happens,” and thus describe this entire collection, but only in a superficial manner. Fowler’s prose is by turns rowdy, affectionate, erotic, absurd, and glittering, with images both awesome and awful.

Readers who admire any of the finest writers in the genre (Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Franz Kafka, Toni Morrison, and Salman Rushdie) should enjoy the flights of fancy within this book, and also be able to confront its darker journeys.”

-Janine Stinson, ForeWord Reviews

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